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Wildlife Control and Removal

We love wildlife, but believe wild animals need to remain in the wild.  With habitat destruction, wild animals are looking for new homes and this can often be walls, attics, chimneys, crawlspace, or yards in your home or business.  In order to maintain nature’s balance, our team removes wildlife from your home.  There are many risks to people and pets when sharing space with wildlife.  Many wild animals prey on livestock and pets, which can lead to devastating veterinary bills and losses to property.  Wild animals pose health risks to people and domestic animals because they carry diseases and parasites leaving their feces throughout your home or business.  Further, they can cause moderate to severe damage to your buildings, vehicles, and land by burrowing, chewing on wires, urinating, defecating, and eating gardens and lawns.  


We Are Humane

We use humane techniques to remove and control wild animals to save your family, property, vehicles, business, and yard from health problems and damage.  Don’t pollute your home and waste money with chemicals that don’t work.  Our team harnesses the most advanced methods available to ensure safety to the occupants of residences and businesses. Miami Valley Wildlife Control proudly serves Cincinnati, Springfield, Piqua, Columbus, and Dayton with wildlife control and removal.